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Children losing their culture, do we blame education or the parents?

by Caroline Mazibuko Our native language enables us to communicate, comprehend and connect with each other. We have a sense of belonging because our culture and tradition but are we slowly drifting and adapting to modern western culture because of education or is it how we raise our kids, who is to blame for this […]

A seat at the table

by Yandisa Sobahle We all want a share of the pie, we also want to be counted. We want to be part of the decision making and let anyone speak on our behalf. We can do what the next person can do and can even do it better. We are not afraid or feel threatened […]

Are his friends your friends too?

by Thando Mgobhozi Meeting friends and family of your significant other is a natural progression of your relationship. Some never get to meet the friends while some are lucky enough to have been brought around the friends and introduced as a girlfriend which is often considered a positive sign and shows a deep interest in […]

How to deal with exams anxiety

by Siviwe Zibi It’s that time of year for again, when matriculants will be sitting for their final exams. The class of 2019 will be writing their exams from 23 October to 28 November. During this time  learners are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. This can range from a mild nervous feeling […]

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is….mine??

by Kimberly Flanagan So you got engaged and you’re busy planning your wedding; colours, bridesmaids, venue, dress, it’s all so overwhelming and exciting but then there’s that little thing that is sitting at the back of your head… To be or not to be…in community of property. Sure, in the early stages of your relationship […]

Encouraging kids to read in their language

by Kimberly Flanagan Have you ever read your child a bedtime story and in the middle of the story you realise, but my kids are nothing like these characters in the book or you’re busy reading and your child stops you to explain a word or a phrase to them because they don’t understand it? […]

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