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Starting a business 101

by Kimberly Flanagan It’s the New Year and everyone has their own set of goals or resolutions they want to achieve for the year. If you’re planning on taking the entrepreneurial route and starting your own business, there are many things to take into consideration. These things are not only your capital and your business […]

Let’s set boundaries, shall we?

by Cheney Mugunyani My dad once caught me going through his diary (which had absolutely nothing for the record), and asked me three very simple questions, He asked me what my name was (weird right?) Then he asked me what his name was Finally, he asked me who the owner of the diary was, and trust […]

Begin 2020 debt free

by Boitumelo Makobosheane Today I will be talking about debt, investing and savings. I am 24-year-old and this is my second year working as a financial manager I have learnt that one of the financial crippling things is debt. What is debt? It is money that you borrow and have to pay back with a […]

The Power Excitement and Expectations of new Beginnings

By Curswell Tshihwela As you welcome the New Year, become aware that every day and every moment is filled with opportunities and endless discovery. You can choose to get excited and enthusiastic about things that have never been and move ahead. While many of you might feel jaded with your lives, the past is now […]

New year; what happens now?

by Thando Mgobhozi The beginning of a new year always feels like a fresh start, an opportunity to do things differently or to turn your life around. There’s this spirit during this time of the year where everyone is just positive and optimistic, it really feels like being given a second chance in life. It […]

Ayana Magazine Issue Month Developments

Issued by: Ayana Magazine Date: 17 January 2020 This serves as formal communication that Ayana Magazine will be undergoing a strategic restructure. The beginning of the new year has landed with one of the biggest developments at Ayana Magazine. Those who’ve supported us during our past 2 years of operations are aware that we issued […]

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